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Sign up to Our Level 2 BTEC Leadership Courses – Starting April 2024

Voyage is now actively recruiting young people in year 9 and 10 for our ground breaking Young Leaders for Safer Cities and our Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities courses which go live in April 2024.

We are asking young people to express interest in joining our course to register on the sign up link below. We are asking school and referral partners to email us and make contact with us to discuss a school visit

Young people signing up will get an invite to focused workshops that give them an insight into how we teach and how we aim to support them over a journey that can last up to 3 to 4 years.

To ensure everyone knows what they are getting into, we are inviting parents, teachers and social workers to information days to hear more about the course and follow up programmes (mentoring, work experience and internships from our partners) and use this to encourage more young people to join us.

We will also be reaching out to schools to present our course in year groups and form level assemblies – These assemblies will include inspirational contributions from our work experience and internship partners which include corporate  companies, conservation and climate change specialist and community safety partners all helping to convey life after the scheme and how they will be supporting the young people who want to journey with us.

Sign up to our level 2 BTEC Leadership Courses - here

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