Coommunity safety by building leaders to createcommunity resilience andcreating positive peerrelationships

Environmental sustainability by building leaders to accessemployment opportunities in underrepresented industries.

Mental health, offering a range of initiatives focusedon the impact on wellbeingof toxic relationships, peerpressure, social media, andviolence.

Enabling meaningful progressthrough education whilerecognizing behavioural, socialand academic challenges.

Empowering young peopleto be positive assets to theircommunity, enabling themto contribute through socialaction and volunteering.

Technical support and skillsensuring young people arebetter able to articulate andexpress their lived experiences.

Thank you for registering your interest in supporting the Voyage Employability Framework. As a key partner, we are asking you to indicate what level of support you are willing to offer some of our amazing young people who have worked incredibly hard towards preparing themselves for their next stage of education and employment. To aid your decision-making process, we have outlined the options available to you:

For our Year 9 & 10 students (14–15-year-olds) who will typically spend between 2-3 years completing programmes from our suite of qualifications, we would ask that you offer a generic work-experience period. This could be in addition to their statutory school-organised work-experience or in place of it where it would be classed as an own-find work- experience. The best time to offer this would be during the summer holiday. The young people will attend our Summer University programmes and we would welcome additional opportunities to engage them in industry insight days and where appropriate offer them professional mentoring as part of the Voyage Mentoring Programme.

Our Year 10 & 11 Students (15–16-year-olds) typically spend between 1-2 years completing programmes from our suite of qualifications. For them we would ask that you offer access to one career specific work-experience opportunity for the period running between June and July. During the summer holiday these young people will attend the Summer University programmes and as such would also benefit from any industry insight days and from professional mentoring as part of the Voyage Mentoring Programme. They are also available to offer consultation and review services to partners which provides them with valuable experience whilst adding value to partners corporate social responsibility commitments.

Our Year 12 & 13 Students (17–18-year-olds) who are just a year away from University will typically spend the shortest time with us. The work we do with them is centred on preparation for university and the world of work. We would ask that you consider prioritizing these young people for internship opportunities during the summer months. Shorter, impactful interventions like CV and cover letter surgeries and interview and assessment centre practice would also be welcomed if you are able to offer them. Given that these tend to be very able young people, we can recommend that they be put forward for conference speaking opportunities as required by yourselves during the autumn months.

Please fill out the form below, you will then be contacted shortly afterwards by a dedicated member of our staff team. We are also happy to take calls to discuss any details you are unsure about or to answer any general questions you may have.

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