Our Mission

Our mission is to empower young people from diverse backgrounds with the skills required to achieve success and pioneer positive change within their communities.

We provide programmes that change perceptions and lives

Through the delivery of its unique, ground-breaking programmes and workshops, VOYAGE has become trusted and respected in its field.

We work to challenge society’s perceptions of the lifestyle and behaviour of young BAME people and to build trust and confidence between communities and the police. We work with socially disadvantaged and excluded young people to combat social exclusion and low educational development. Most importantly, we provide opportunities for young people to make a positive difference within their neighbourhoods.


We use the Theory of Change and the 5 I’s framework

VOYAGE has adopted a “theory of change” model based on the African-American philosophy of “Each one teach one”. We seek to help people learn by:

  • Raising awareness of self
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Developing political literacy and sharing this in forums and international exchange work

We also use the 5Is framework for crime prevention. The process model has five interlinked task streams: Intelligence, Intervention, Implementation, Involvement and Impact.


Our graduates inspire the next generation

Young people who have worked through the VOYAGE programmes have made a contribution in several ways after graduating.

Some have come back as work experience volunteers. They tell the story of the benefits they derived from VOYAGE and stand as examples of how you will look and behave at the end of the process. This helps to crystallise the goals of the young people still involved in the programmes.

Symeon Brown, now a reporter on national TV for Channel 4 News, was formerly on our programmes – he now kindly returns to speak to our young people and stand as an example of what they might become.


Our Key Partners

Our Impact at a glance



We encourage our young people to work within their communities to facilitate and pioneer change.


We prepare our young people to lead and be a part of a green and sustainable future.


We help young people make positive decisions by encouraging them to stay safe and build constructive relationships with those in authority.

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