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Sign up for Our Paid Aim for Success Work Experience Scheme

Join our Aim for Success Programme (A4S) for young people of colour aged between 16 - 19! Gain essential skills, confidence, and paid work experience with leading London companies. The programme aligns with partners across various sectors, including environmentalism, climate, corporate, finance and tech, who are committed to diversity and focussed on expanding hiring practices, building inclusive workplace cultures, and supporting diverse representation.

The A4S programme operates during set periods throughout the year. The course workshops are held once a week on Thursday evenings. The programme includes inspirational speaker sessions, professional mentoring, employability skill workshops, and concludes with paid work experience opportunities held in July and August.

If you are interested in joining us, please complete the form below.

The outcomes of the A4S programme are to increase access to sustainable employment, inspire entrepreneurship, and reduce the barriers to youth employment, contributing to positive actions in corporate EDI and ESG initiatives.

The ultimate goal is to bridge the socio-economic gap for young people of colour, preparing them for future opportunities in education and employment.

If you are an organisation that can offer paid work experience placements or support Voyage as a partner, fill out the partner form below.

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