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Voyage Expansion Plans

Voyage is grateful to be working alongside partners committed to the support of our young people and strengthening of Voyage as a unique charity. We are grateful for all the contributions and the huge support from many trusts, foundations, city corporations and individuals.

With this support we are preparing for a relaunch of the charity in March 2023 to present raised ambitions to offer courses and programmes to young people across new locations in London. Our expansion plans will be supported by a new team, trained lived experience tutors and highly evolved multi faceted leadership programmes designed to rise young people of colour towards higher education and employment. We will complement expansion with a new

  • 3 – 5 years business and developmental plan
  • communications and marketing plan to include new website, brochures and social media
  • constitution and governance arrangements which include our youth advisory board

We are specifically focused on Community Safety, Environmental Sustainability, finance and Fin tech.

We are currently expanding our course suites to include a new qualification on environmental sustainability with a unique focus on impact in black communities and we are planning for a third  course focused on Financial, Fin tech and entrepreneurialism by 2024.

Why are we expanding?

Voyage has been a fortunate recipient of additional support from a host of very large and small commercial and corporate companies who wish to connect their work, worlds and opportunities with our young people. We believe our newfound partners connect with us due to the exclusive focus of our work with black young people and the need to underpin their commitments to inclusion and diversity.  As a result we have been able to widen our suites of learning (accredited and non accredited), embraced the environmental agenda and now funnel the involvement of our partners into providing distinct employability opportunities (e.g. internships, work experience, visitations, mentoring and critical thinking challenges). Some of our partners wish to provide access to skilled individuals, volunteering and work experience opportunities as well as assist with strategic policy formulation and business planning. We now wish to deepen our relationships and connect these opportunities to new beneficiaries across new areas in London.

Next steps

Whilst we are working on the above we now wish to appoint a Programme Development Manager (PDM) who will help us expand our network of delivery partners, deepen relationships with our referral partners as well as support our team of lived experienced tutors, mentors and educators.

We seek a candidate that understands key considerations planning programmes with young people under 16 years and be able to work at a strategic level to secure and sustain the longer term involvement of our partners. Whilst we would prefer someone from an educational background we are open to experienced individuals from other industries who may have similar skills sets. Our manager will oversee a small but growing internal team (including interns) freelance tutors and a range of committed partners who wish to work with us to increase diversity targets. The PDM will be a significant part of the Senior Leadership Team.

If you are interested to learn more about this post or apply email us

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