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Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities Gets Approval From Pearson

Voyage has worked hard to secure UKs first Leadership Qualification in Youth Leadership focused on environmental sustainability and tackling climate justice. We devised our leadership course to transform the environmental sector, help our young people access growing employment opportunities and at the same time impact racial diversity in a sector that is only 3% ethnically diverse.

Our leadership course has been inspired through focused youth led research by Voyage graduates and our course content has been co produced by young people with the involvement of amazing sector professionals, climate and sustainability specialists and organisations such as @action for conservation, @greenpeace, @RSBP, @ZSL to name a few. Many of our partners will be contributing to the course so that young people not only learn skills they also will met amazing people and benefit from visits to places of interest and take up active citizenship. We aim to inspire and empower young people to take action in their communities, improve their academic results in school and begin to influence how the sector is promoted and accessed by young people of colour.

Our course will target young people aged 13, 14 and 15 years from African and Caribbean communities and encourage them to gain the skills and experiences that help address unemployment gaps as they transition from school to professional life. We aim to use the course to encourage young people to join our graduate schemes so they can access volunteering, work experience and internships opportunities that have not always been afforded to them. Many of these will be offered by our new found partners in the corporate, charity and private sector in the city of London.

Our course will be available for young people to access from September 2022 and we aim to run the course every two years to ensure we can offer a structured first year graduate programme for the same young people and see them rise.

If you require further information please don’t hesitate to reach out especially if you are a teacher, parents or a young person.

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