CJA More Harm Than Good

In 2020, Voyage, a proactive member of the Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA), was approached to make a significant contribution to a super-complaint aimed at addressing systemic issues within the justice system. Recognising the importance of inclusive dialogue, Voyage seized this opportunity to involve its young members, particularly focusing on those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Voyage organized a series of workshops and consultative sessions to delve into the pressing matters of police conduct, specifically the practices of stop and search and the application of Section 60. These sessions were designed not only to educate but also to empower the young participants to voice their experiences and perspectives.

A diverse group of 10 young individuals actively engaged in these workshops, bringing forth a rich tapestry of narratives and viewpoints that shed light on the realities of their encounters with law enforcement. Their contributions were invaluable, providing depth and context to the issues at hand.

The culmination of these efforts was a detailed report. This report not only highlighted the concerns and suggestions of the young contributors but also served as a testament to Voyage’s commitment to fostering youth advocacy and effecting positive change within the criminal justice system. Through this initiative, Voyage demonstrated the power of youth engagement in shaping policies and practices that directly affect their communities.

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