Natural History Museum - Youth Worker Tool Kit

The Natural History Museum has taken a significant step forward in its outreach efforts, recognising the importance of inclusivity and diversity, the Museum partnered with Voyage to help them create their Natural History Museum Youth Worker Toolkit.

Voyage’s expertise in working with diverse youth communities was instrumental in shaping the toolkit. The insight of Voyage's young people ensured that the activities are not only engaging but also resonate with youth leaders and workers from diverse backgrounds. This collaboration has led to the development of workshops that are more relevant and impactful for young people across the urban landscape.

In a move that underscores the value of this partnership, the Museum has appointed a member of Voyage to their Youth Advisory Panel. This appointment is a testament to the Museum’s commitment to incorporating the perspectives of young leaders directly into its governance.

The synergy between the Natural History Museum and Voyage is a beacon of progress, helping to lead us towards a future where every young person feels connected to nature, regardless of their background. Together, they are sowing the seeds for a greener, more inclusive world, a critically important task considering how the sector generally faces challenges in representation.

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