Police and Crime Plan 2013 - 2016

Voyage stands out as a pivotal contributor to the Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan for 2013-2016.

Voyage, with its deep roots in the community, brought the authentic voices of young Londoners to the table. These young individuals, equipped with their unique insights and lived experiences, played a crucial role in informing the strategies and objectives outlined in the plan.

The development of the Police and Crime Plan was marked by an extensive consultation process, where Voyage's involvement ensured that the concerns and aspirations of young black Londoners were heard and integrated. Their contributions helped to shape a plan that was not only comprehensive but also reflective of the diverse needs of London’s youth.

The insights offered by Voyage were instrumental in highlighting the importance of trust-building initiatives, youth empowerment, and the need for a policing approach that resonates with young, diverse communities. Their influence is evident in the plan’s commitment to boosting neighbourhood policing and enhancing the visibility, accountability, and accessibility of the police force.

By providing a platform for young voices, Voyage's young participants have contributed to a vision of a safer, more inclusive London where every neighbourhood can thrive.

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