Response to Police Race Action Plan

In a collaborative effort with the Criminal Justice Alliance (CJA), Voyage played a pivotal role in shaping the response to the National Police Chiefs’ Council and College of Policing’s draft Police Race Action Plan. Voyage’s commitment to social justice and empowerment of young black individuals was instrumental in ensuring that the voices of those most affected by policing policies were heard.

Voyage facilitated a platform for young people to come together, share their personal impacts, and provide insightful views on policing. This engagement was critical in highlighting the unique challenges faced by Black communities, particularly women and girls, in their interactions with law enforcement.

Voyage advocated for the inclusion of specific actions in the final plan that would address and improve the experiences of Black women and girls with the police. Their recommendations were informed by the direct insights and perspectives of the young people they represent, ensuring that the proposed actions were grounded in real-world experiences.

Voyage’s involvement in the response to the draft Police Race Action Plan exemplifies their dedication to fostering positive change and building trust between Black communities and the police. Their work with the CJA underscores a shared vision for a more equitable and just policing system that respects and protects the rights of all individuals.

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