Roundtable on Ethnic Diversity in Environmental Sector

Voyage has long recognised the vital role diversity plays in nurturing innovation and promoting inclusive development across all sectors, and we also know that some sectors have to work harder than others to attract and retain diverse talent.

The green economy, the climate and environment sector have traditionally struggled with recruitment and retention of diverse individuals. As an organisation, Voyage is committed to sustainability and the environment, recognising that the world is in climate crisis and nature needs our support. Proud to be part of the green coalition of charities in Race For Nature, leading the way in environmental awareness, in 2022 Voyage, designed and piloted the first Young Leaders for Sustainable Cities BTEC Qualification, a pioneering initiative that serves as a beacon of change for the sector.

During the program’s formative stage, Voyage forged meaningful connections with over 30 charities and organisations. These alliances reflect a shared commitment to surmounting the diversity challenges that the environment sector faces. A thoughtfully convened roundtable provided a platform to scrutinise the issues of recruitment and retention of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals in environmental, climate or green energy roles. This gathering was more than a mere exchange of ideas; it was a driving force for transformation, shedding light on the systemic obstacles that have hindered diversity.

Voyage’s roundtable was enriched by the participation of the beneficiaries of Voyage programmes who shared their personal experiences with professionals in the sector. Their insights were invaluable, offering a fresh perspective on the importance of diversity and the changes required in the industry if it is to make meaningful change.

The engagement with young leaders not only amplified their voices and provided a platform for their ideas to shine, but also enhanced Voyage’s relationships with environment partners, building collaboration and engagement.  These partnerships are a testament to Voyage’s dedication to creating opportunities for diverse young people and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable environmental sector.

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