Training Police Recruits at Hendon Police Training College

In 2008, a transformative initiative took root at the Hendon Police Training College, marking a significant milestone in community-police relations.

The Young Black Positive Advocates (YBPA), an integral part of Voyage, were at the forefront of this pioneering project. Commissioned by the Metropolitan Black Police Association, these young individuals stepped into roles of influence and leadership. The YBPA acted not just as trainers but as educators and catalysts for change. They brought to the table their unique perspectives, experiences, and insights, enriching the training curriculum for new police recruits. Their involvement went beyond conventional teaching; they were instrumental in shaping a new narrative of understanding and mutual respect.

This project made it clear that young people can play a very important role in building trust and confidence between black communities and the police force. Young Black Police Association’s involvement demonstrated the power of dialogue and the importance of representation.

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